Dressing Your Truth: Type 2

Note: I am actually submitting this post many months after the date it is shown to be posted on this blog. It was originally created during this time but on ANOTHER blog I had at the time. True to a Type 1’s nature, I actually had THREE blogs going at once. I can’t remember for the life of me why. But they were supposed to be for different purposes and then I started accidentally mixing up the content so got even more distracted and confused. LOL. What can I say…I’m a Type 1. LOL. So I finally combined the posts of all three blogs and kept the ones I wanted, so am including this post on this blog. Clear as mud? Good. Even though some of the information is repeated in other posts, I felt these four blog articles had a lot of good content in terms of my thought processes and what I was going through at the time in terms of figuring out what Type I was/am. So I include it here along with the other three in the series.

The Dressing Your Truth system seems on the surface like a ‘beauty system’ that helps you dress so that your natural beauty shines through. But it is in actuality a lot more than that.

There are four types in the system. The Type 1 bright, animated woman, the Type 2 soft and subtle woman, the Type 3 rich, dynamic woman and the Type 4 bold and striking woman.

My DYT Journey Begins

All of my adult life, I have been on a quest to ‘find myself’ and live my life authentically. That desire is the primary thing that attracted me to the Dressing Your Truth (DYT) system. The beauty part actually came in at a distant second. The idea of being able to not only figure out what made me tick, but also surround myself with colors, textures, and design lines that supported and enhanced that energy was thrilling. I jumped in with both feet.

That was about a year and half ago. It’s fascinating how difficult it was to really figure out which one of the four types I led with. I began by seeing the Type 1 energy in me strongly. But I didn’t think I could be a Type 1 woman or that Type 1 was my dominant type, because I was so serious, still, introverted and focused. I NEVER played or had fun. I considered myself to be pessimistic. I saw myself as too still to be a Type 1. So I decided right off the bat that more than likely, Type 1 was my secondary….but something else was my dominant type. What was it?

I landed first on Type 2, the soft, suble woman. I wish I had written down my thoughts that led me to that idea, because I can’t for the life me figure out how on earth I EVER thought I was a Type 2. Its probably because my skin and hair coloring are so blended. My hair, skin color and eyes do not produce high contrast in any way. I had always been very attracted to the more muted tones of the Type 2 palette and thought I looked best in them. I also thought I looked better in silver metals as opposed to the gold. So I figured that Type 2 was me.

As is my way, I embraced it wholeheartedly and immediately went out and bought Type 2 clothes. I read and re-read the sections in the book describing the Type 2 woman, and saw myself in every word. Well…almost every word. No one is 100% any type so I skipped the parts that made no sense at all. I was a Type 2 and I was going to embrace it. I had finally figured out what type of person I was. Now I was ready to heal the parts I had abandoned and discard the parts that didn’t really belong to me.

So I dressed as a Type 2 for about 3 months. Slowly but surely, I found myself no longer caring about DYT. I thought it was boring. I thought the clothes boring. They actually depressed me. I didn’t like myself wearing them. I pretty much put the entire system away and decided it just wasn’t for me.

{The picture to the left shows me at around age 38. This was the typical way I dressed…very muted tones and silver jewelry. My hair color is natural; and yes I am coveting those natural highlights. But as you can see, my hair and skin are pretty blended with very little contrast.}

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Update 2/13/14

Please read my update about my “Dressing Your Truth” journey.