Dressing Your Truth: Type 4

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But that was until I had the actual Skype call with Carol Tuttle. I began my call with her, talking about what my process had been so far and why I thought I was a Type 3. She stopped me abruptly and told me, very matter-of-factly, that I wasn’t a Type 3…I was a Type 4 with a very strong secondary of Type 1.
Crickets chirped as I heard the earth revolve around the sun. How was that possible? I rebelled. I argued. There was no way I was a Type 4. I wasn’t bold enough. I HATED the Type 4 colors. I HATED the Type 4 style. My heart sank.
But Carol Tuttle was adamant. So I listened and as is my nature (I so wanted to please and be liked) I accepted it without question and marched forward as a Type 4/1 woman.

It’s important to distinquish the difference between a Type 4 and a Type 4/1. The energy Type 4 and Type 1 are opposite of one another. It’s a challenging combo and I was both, very strongly. But apparently I LED with my Type 4 so I was considered a Type 4 woman.
So still in a haze, I traveled to Utah with a smile and determination that I would fully embrace my Type 4ness. I would heal whatever it was that needed healing because most certainly a LOT needed healing since I could not figure out how I landed on this type! Carol Tuttle was the utmost authority in facial profiling and she said I was a Type 4. So I was a Type 4.

In Utah, I got my hair dyed darker and bought some Type 4 makeup. I went shopping with a DYT expert and bought some Type 4 clothes. I was excited. And I was going to make this work come hell or high water.

So for the next 5 months, I got rid of ALL of my clothes that were not Type 4. I dressed as a Type 4. I viewed my personality, my nature, my history and childhood through the lens of being a Type 4. I could clearly see it. But there was just one problem. I looked and felt AWFUL in the clothes and colors. I looked old, haggard and severe. I looked like I had aged 20 years in a matter of a few months. I began dreading getting dressed and wearing ‘those clothes.’

A challenge was started at the beginning of 2013 in the Type 4 Facebook group where everyone was going to take pictures of themselves dressed in Type 4 colors and clothes, and try to post one a day for the entire year. I began in earnest. I wanted to be a joiner and MAKE THIS WORK – dammit!

The Results of that Challenge

It took less than 2 weeks before all sorts of things began happening inside my head and body. I started getting really tired. I was depressed. If I wasn’t depressed, I was angry and irritated. My skin started getting inflamed and blotchy when I wore Type 4 makeup colors. I started bloating and looked like a gained 20 pounds overnight! I didn’t want to dress in the clothes and most certainly did NOT want to take my picture. I tried and tried, but I was so uncomfortable, I could barely smile. I would look at the pictures and couldn’t figure out who this person was I was staring at.

I started wearing my hair more natural (curly) instead of straightening it. I experimented with not wearing the makeup, wondering if I was allergic to it or something.I changed my shampoo. LOL. Nothing worked. I felt horrible. I thought I looked horrible. Something had to give…and it did.



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Update 2/13/14

Please read my update about my “Dressing Your Truth” journey.