My ‘Dressing Your Truth’ Journey

A little bit about me. Or maybe better said…One thing about me.

About 1 1/2 years ago I found what seemed like just a “beauty program” called Dressing Your Truth. But I got sideswiped because I mis-typed myself. For a short while, I thought I was a Type 2 – the subtle, soft woman. But living as a Type 2, I felt bored and not very inspired. So I put the program on the back shelf until about 5 months ago wherein I felt compelled to look at it once more.

I started reading the book again and thought, “How could I have ever thought I was a 2? Of course I’m a Type 3!” The Type 3 is described as the rich, dynamic woman and is fiery. I certainly had a fiery personality, so it seemed to fit. So for about a week, I “lived as a Type 3.” Thankfully I didn’t change my wardrobe or anything. But I sat with the idea of being a Type 3 woman and it felt good.

But I wanted it confirmed this time by an expert. And who would be considered the best expert of all but Carol Tuttle herself? So I scheduled a Skype consultation to get my type confirmed so I could be done with it and move on.

The call went something like this. After a few minutes of me blabbering on about how I was a Type 3 and had finally come to this conclusion of accepting myself as a 3, Carol Tuttle said, “Um, you’re not a Type 3. I hate to tell you this…but you’re a Type 4 with a very strong secondary of a Type 1.”

Type 4!!

Complete silence as I heard the Earth rotate around the sun. No way could I be a Type 4. OMG…those colors. Me? Bold? Striking? No way.

So I went about living my life as a Type 4. I completed threw out everything in my closet that was anything other than Type 4 clothing. I wanted so desperately to figure out who I was FINALLY that I wanted to leap into being a Type 4 and heal whatever needed healing in order to live my truth as a bold striking woman. I flew to Utah to have a beauty and style makeover and met Carol herself. She is a powerful woman with a very dynamic presence. I was awestruck and didn’t say hardly a word.

She confirmed that she still felt I was a Type 4 but with a very very strong secondary of a Type 1 (bright animated woman). Over the year of knowing about Dressing Your Truth and trying to figure out my type, no matter what primary type I thought I was (2, 3 or 4) I ALWAYS knew that Type 1 was strong in me and most likely my secondary type. But I never thought it could be my PRIMARY type as I didn’t see myself as a cutesy woman – even though when I was younger, I was always described a “cute.” One boyfriend even referred to me as “cute as a button.” It infuriated me.

So off I went into the wild blue yonder, living my life as a Type 4 woman. Or trying. I had dyed my hair to try and really feel the energy of being bold and striking and not fearing it. I attempted to straighten my curls whenever possible (or motivated). I bought the intense makeup. I bought the pure-hued colors of clothes. I was tickled pink that I got to wear black after all! HA!!!

I joined the Facebook Type 4 group and jumped in immediately and began participating and posting.

But you know what? It never felt real. *I* never felt real. But I kept persisting. Of course I saw things about the Type 4 that were spot on for me. But there were MANY things that just did not ring true whatsoever. But I didn’t see myself as the cutesy Type 1 woman. So I persisted with living my truth as a Type 4.

And then something happened. I’m not certain exactly WHEN it happened exactly WHAT happened. But my questions grew really loud and I finally said “enough.” I finally allowed myself to fully accept the fact that I didn’t like the energy of living as a Type 4. It made me feel heavy, depressed and too serious.

I was getting annoyed with some of the energy, conversations, and constant “that’s not the right color blue” talk in the Type 4 group. I began to realize that I didn’t really care if it was the exact right color blue. “Close enough” was enough for me. And then it hit me.

Maybe I’m Not a Type 4 After all!

So about 15 months since starting, I have finally allowed myself the courage to believe that I AM good enough to be a Type 1 woman. I’ve accepted that there IS in fact the possibility of that being ME. I am not so flawed and broken as for it to be impossible. (There was a lot of shaming in my childhood…but I’ll talk about that another time — maybe.)

Am I a Type 1? I have no idea. What I do know that I am either a Type 4/1 or a Type 1/4. And either way, my 1-ness is very strong.

I also know that for whatever reason, I have let that part of me wither and die. I even know when this process began. But my post is getting long so I’ll leave that for another day. I’ll close with this.

One of things that I will be exploring for at least the next 30 days is what it means to be a Type 1 woman TO ME. There is some healing that needs to take place in that. And I want to do it. And I want to share it with anyone who happens along and reads this post.

Update 2/13/14

Please read my update about my “Dressing Your Truth” journey.



  1. Lara says

    I’m a hairstylist, and I stydy everyone I come accross. In my personal opinion, you look far better as a type 1! I’m having the exact same struggle. Personalitywise, I’m a very introspective type 4, but outwardly, I’m a disorganized mess, and I can only go without being social and gabby for so long. Thankyou for your blog!

  2. says

    I want to thank you for your blog post, because right now I am confronting the issues of having a strong secondary that “complicates” my primary. I am certain that I am a Type 2 with a very, very strong secondary 3. I have the facial features and skin of a Type 2—oval face, no deep facial lines although I am 45, a “teardrop” nose and heavy lidded eyes. As a little girl I craved solitude so badly I would put a pillowcase over my head while I rode my rocking horse. I loved reading and spent hours playing by myself with my Stablemate horses. I had a very harsh, critical mother, and generally emotionally unavailable parents, so I lived and moved in my secondary 3 for protection, I think. What you said about the Facebook posts really resonates with me. Someone made a comment about public schools followed by a “thank god I home school.” As a public high school teacher I felt the need to assert a polite but very firm defense about what I/we do—-and then someone posted asking me if I had ever had a Confirm Your Type session with Carol—-implication that obviously I could not “really” be a Type 2 since I spoke out the way I did. And that upset me, and I have been going around in circles on it in a very Type 2 way. But I love the way you put it—what it means to be a Type 1 Woman TO YOU. That encourages me to think that I can honor my Type 2/3 balance in a way that is true to me regardless of what anyone else thinks. So thank you, for the insight and sounding board. I really appreciate it. Best wishes on your personal journey :)

  3. Sabrina says

    I can soooo relate! I am a Type 1 with a strong secondary Type 4. Like you I largely let that Type 1 part of me die, trying so hard to conform to the people around me and life’s situations. I finally let myself accept that I am what I am and just started living as a Type 1. I feel so FREE and LIBERATED! For the first time in a long time I actually feel like me. I have always looked and lived as a Type 4 because I was taught that it’s so ridiculously important to be taken seriously. Not anymore! I am approaching 40 and am completely happy to look and act much younger than my age and not worry about whether people take me seriously in everyday life. My circumstances haven’t changed but I am having so much fun now and my kids have even noticed the difference. I wish you the very best in your journey of self-discovery!

  4. CIndy says

    I have been stuck for some time trying to decide my DYT type. I was considering the call with Carol and was wondering if you think it was valuable? Was she wrong?

    • Unstuck Girl says

      Hi Cindy. I don’t think she was “wrong.” But it turned out I wasn’t the Type that she said I was in that call. Ironically, she even saw me in person and again stated I was a Type 4. Here’s what I think happened…what I’m about to say can sound a bit esoteric, so bear with me.

      For whatever reason, I think I needed to go through the process of being a Type 4 for awhile. That part of me needed to be owned and acknowledged and subsequently healed. But in order to do that i had to BE a Type 4 for a little while. So that is the “face” that i showed Carol when she typed me.

      After living as a Type 4 for about 5-6 months, I came to see on my own the parts of myself I had thrown away. No one else could have given me that information, because no one else had lived my life and been through what I’d been through, and thought the thoughts I had. So even though Carol wasn’t “right” she wasn’t wrong either.

      Also, I am very strongly a Type 1 and a Type 4. If I had to give it a number, probably something like 49% Type 4 and 51% Type 1. Truth be told, if I hadn’t lived most of my life as a Type 4 up until now, I would probably be dead. A Type 1 child would have probably not been able to do the things I needed to do to raise myself. I had pretty much NO ONE growing up. My Type 4 HAD to take over in order for me to simply survive. To clarify briefly, I was not abused in any way. I was quite simply neglected in practically every way a child can be neglected. How I actually got through it and to the other side of being an adult, is probably in large part due to my Type 4ness. :)

  5. Teo says

    Hello! I would like to help by telling you that most people (there are a few exceptions) can identify their dominant energy type by their astrological sign. So if you are an Aquarius, a Gemini or a Libra then most likely you are a type 1. I am a type 1 with a secondary 4 and also lived for a long time letting the 4 energy dominate. I now can be free to be my true self and use the type 4 earth energy to ground me and to support me.

    • Unstuck Girl says

      Hi Teo, although I appreciate your point of view and can understand why you might think this way, I have to strongly disagree with you. For starters, neither the DYT system or astrology can be interpreted in such a cookie cutter like fashion. Take astrology for example; there are SO MANY things that can influence who you are and how go about living your life…other than your SUN SIGN. Your rising sign, what planets conjunct, square, trine one another. What are your North and South Nodes? What signs are most of your planets in? etc. etc. I am a Leo and would be considered by most to be a very atypical Leo in that I do not like to be center stage or the center of attention. In fact, it can make me very uncomfortable, depending on the situation. If I were to just look at my Sun Sign, it would make no sense. But when I look at the other more subtle elements in my chart…it makes a LOT of sense…particularly when I look at my North and South nodes.

      So if were were to go by astrology alone, then I would be a Type 3 since that is Fire and I am a Fire sign. And even though I have a lot of fire in my astrology chart, I also have AIR VERY VERY strong in my chart…but in much more esoteric and subtle ways. :)

      So unless someone studies astrology (I don’t any more but used to MANY years ago) I think trying to correlate your astrology sign with your DYT type might just confuse the issue.

      These are just my thoughts…I am not a DYT expert, nor am I an astrology expert since as I said, I haven’t studied it in quite some time.

      • Teo says

        Hello again :) Yes, you can be a Leo with a dominant air energy, maybe that’s why there is so much confusion. To finally have some peace of mind I can recommend the site free-spiritual-guidance where you can get a free astrology reading that also includes the percentage of the 4 elements in your natal chart. This personal reading helped me a lot to understand myself.
        I based my theory on studying myself, my family and looking at some celebrity profiles that also included the percentage of the elements. For me it made things a lot clearer instead of creating confusion. I am a Libra with 46% air and 30% earth and it’s been huge understanding how to balance these energies in my life.
        All the best with your healing process and good luck!

        • Unstuck Girl says

          Hi Teo, thanks again for the info…but honestly my mind is quite at peace in regards to the Type I think I am. I’m about 101% certain that I finally got it right. And if I don’t…then I figure it is a process my Higher Self needs me to go through. So no worries here. 😉 If anyone else has a different opinion as to what type I am, they have that right. But I don’t have to follow it or believe it. I’m not certain if you think I’m conflicted because Carol typed me as a Type 4. I’m not saying she was wrong…I’m just saying that when she typed me, its the “face” I showed her. Even she stated herself that what she thought as my secondary (Type 1) was quite strong. So what if its 49% – 51%?? The degrees of subtly are so slim it gets to the point where you have to really know what’s going on in a person’s head to know what is what. Even Carol herself that you are your own expert and that not even she can tell you with 100% certain what type you are. :)