Kombucha Tea, Second Fermentation

For those of you who make your own kombucha tea, have you ever experimented with a second fermentation? I’m trying it with this batch. Basically I saved some of the bottles from store-bought kombucha tea and sterilized them in the dishwasher. Then once my kombucha batch was finished, instead of pouring the tea into a large container for the fridge, I used three bottles and poured each about 3/4 way full with kombucha and then topped the bottles off with unsweetened organic cranberry juice. Into each bottle I added 3-5 drops of lemon food-grade essential oil.

Close the lids tightly and set on counter for another 5-7 days and I should have  fizzy and flavored kombucha tea…better than store-bought!

If you do it, just make sure you don’t add the flavorings to the batch with the mother SCOBY as it could contaminate and kill it. You pour the fermented tea (minus the SCOBY) into clean jars and then add the flavorings. Set that out for a second fermentation to get the extra fizz. If you don’t want to wait for the second fermentation either due to fear of exploding bottles (its possible) or impatience, then flavoring your tea with the above ingredients is also good….tastes wonderful and refreshing. It’s just not naturally fizzy.

Flavored Kombucha Tea